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​​The Toner Cartridge consists of 6 major components.  These are as follows:  (1) the image drum, (2) the wiper blade, (3) the pcr roller, ​(4) the mag roller, (5) the doctor blade (6) the toner.  

Each of these components play a part in having the toner cartridge produce the yield in page count as per oem specs.​​ ​ Now here is where they say, "The Tire meets the road".  

Most remanufacturers disassemble, clean and ​​replace the toner in the cartridge.  Some do change the above parts in the cartridge. However many of them do not replace all the major components.  Now, that being said, lets look at each component and what its function is inside the toner cartridge.​​
In non-tech terms the OPC drum is made up with chemical layers.  The laser beam directs a microo light on to the drum and this changes that spot to a positive charge.  The Toner is negative and therefore it is attracted to the spot on the drum.
The drum wiper blade cleans off the residual toner on the drum and the drum is now ready for the next print.  A used wiper blade can cause smearing and lines on the page.
The primary charge roller (pcr roller) is in contact with the OPC drum.  It has two functions. It charges the drum before the laser light shines it beam on the drum.  It then discharges the drum so a fresh charge can be set on the OPC drum.  A faulty or used PCR will cause a gray background and strecking as well as spots on the page. 
The developer or mag roller is where the OPC drum picks up the toner.  The mag roller has a negative charge. The toner is attracted to the roller and deposit a film of toner around the roller.  A used or faulty mag roller will cause light print and double print characters.  It can also cause vertical Streaking.
The Doctor Blade regulates the amount of toner on the mag roller.  To little toner or to much toner will affect the quality of print on the page.  A used or faulty Doctor Blade can cause fading, light print, light and dark characters on the page, etc.
Each of these components must meet ridged specifications.  The parts must be compatible with each other in order for the toner cartridge to deliver a quality print and to meet the yield specifications.
A quality remanufactured with the proper parts and matching toner will produce a quality print.  There are other characteristics that are working inside the cartridge.  We a BLC know exactly what needs must be met to make the compatible toner cartridge meet and/or exceed the original equipment manufacture's toner cartridge.​